To serve as the vessel of the integrated voice of the CVT profession relating to the wellbeing of the CVT profession and its subspecialty.To set up a minimum standard of service quality that has to be followed by all members of profession through the accredited training program and professional examination.To participate in setting up a syllabus of the CVT training program in order to produce competent CVT who is able to perform above the minimum standard of entry-level.  To promote a higher standard and continuous improvement of the service quality and up dating the knowledge of the member of CVT in accordance to fast changing cardiovascular field
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EVENT 2017
Objectives of the course:

To establish a good foundation of basic echo anatomy in CVT

To assist CVT to think critically while performing echo assessment

To assess level of knowledge in echo theories and skills among the CVT

To be able to apply basic echo knowledge learned from this course into daily clinical echo assessment in respective workplaces

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Degree in CVT finalized with MSU
CVT/Nursing Symposium MyLive 2017
Candidate passed Basic Echo Certification Course.

8th Basic Echo

1. Ms Noraminah (IJN)
2. Mr Siong (Hosp Sg. Buloh)

1st Basic Echo

1. Jeduri Untop (HQE II)
2. Anisah Sarapudin (HQE II)