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Over the past years, the Malaysian Society of Cardiovascular Technologist (MSCVT) has been working in collaboration with NHAM in order to provide the continuous education in Cardiology, specifically to paramedics in Malaysia. Each year, through their incredible support, I have gained valuable knowledge and tips from many esteemed doctors and colleagues.

The MSCVT is the only sub-society that represents paramedics in the field of cardiology in Malaysia. It was formed in 2009 and our main objective is to standardize the quality of CVT services through a combination of symposia, lectures and “hands-on” workshops. We are also a platform for the professional development of CVTs by guiding and enriching the members with the latest local and international standards.

- Hamdan Ibrahim

Background Cardiovascular Technologist

The role of the cardiovascular technologist (CVT) is increasingly complex and demanding. Not only must the cardiovascular technologist be familiar with approved clinical protocols for each type of cardiovascular examination he or she performs.

The technologist also must be able to analyze the patient’s clinical history fully, in order to identify the purpose of the examination, frame the clinical question(s) that the examination is intended to answer, and expand the examination as necessary to answer the clinical question(s). Cardiovascular technologist also plays an integral role in the treatment process, applying independent judgment, problem solving skills, analytical thinking and the ability to obtain and integrate accurate diagnostic information whilst supporting the clinicians in performing the treatment.

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