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Bachelor in Cardiovascular Technology (Hons)
Course Title: Cardiovascular Technology, Bachelor (Hons)
Course Code: BCT 

What the course will give you
Cardiovascular technologists deal with the diagnosis and treatment of patients with diseases of the heart (cardiac) or blood vessels (vascular). They perform cardiovascular examination and therapeutic procedures through the use of specific high-technology equipment and at the direction of qualified physicians, to create an easily definable data from which correct anatomic and physiologic diagnosis may be developed for each patient. Cardiovascular technologists play an integral role in the treatment process, applying their independent judgment, problem solving skills, analytical thinking, and ability to obtain and integrate accurate diagnostic information whilst supporting the clinicians.

The undergraduate programme leading up to the award of a Bachelor in Cardiovascular Technology (Hons) from Management and Science University (MSU) has been designed according to the recommendations of the community of cardiovascular technologists via the Malaysian Society of Cardiovascular Technology. Your subjects of study include cardiology, electrocardiography, echocardiography, radiology, pacemaker and electrophysiology, and clinical pharmacology.

How long it will take you
4 years

Where the qualification may lead you to
Cardiovascular technologists may specialize in invasive or non-invasive cardiovascular, non-invasive vascular, or cardiac pacing and electrophysiology. Most cardiovascular technologists work in hospitals, but they may also work in physicians’ offices, educational facilities, medical centers, noninvasive cardiovascular laboratories, electrophysiology laboratories, and mobile diagnostic units. Cardiovascular technology related job titles include Cardiac Catheterization Technologist, Cardiac Stress Technologist, Cardiology Technologist, Electrocardiograph (ECG) Technologist, Cardiopulmonary Technologist, and Vascular Technologist.

Who may enrol
You need to pass STPM/Matriculation/A-Level/Pre-U with at least 2.50 CGPA in Biology/Physics and Chemistry AND pass SPM with five (5) credits including three (3) from Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology; OR obtain a Diploma (MQF Level 4) in a related field, from a recognized institution and with at least 2.75 CGPA (CGPAs below 2.75 must be accompanied by at least 3 years / 36 months working experience in the same field.

International students must prove their English proficiency by scoring 6.0 on IELTS or 550 on TOEFL.

KPT Reference
KPT/JPS (N/725/6/0079) 02/22
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